Max Placing Radius 18.2 m
Installation Mode Free Installation
Power 7.5 kW


Max Placing Radius
Installation Mode
Working Ambient Temperature
Control Systems
System Pressure


Free Installation
-20 ~ +50℃

Full Hydraulic Control, Exceptional Performance

Full hydraulic control of all boom movements provides smooth, precise control. The load sensing, proportional, pressure compensated hydraulic system provides accurate, predictable boom placement even during multi-function operation.

Rapid Installation

Extensive application of modular design technology and quick connecting components allows rapid assembly and hoisting of placing booms.

Globally Recognized, Intelligent Control System

The German manufactured Siemens programmable login controller (PLC) is equipped with local, wired or 100m ultra long distance remote control.

This reliable system can be operated within four user selectable frequency bands.

Boom Cylinders are Equipped With Counterbalance Valves for Safety

The counterbalance valve provides a locking function as an added safety measure.

Delivery Pipe Service Life Increased 3-5 Times

The use of double-wall, wear-resistant delivery pipe has improved the service life up to 30,000-50,000m3.

This is 3-5 times longer than the life of ordinary pipe.

Telescoping Supports Provide Installation Flexibility

To enhance adaptability, the telescoping supports, designed by Sany, have an independent climbing system to accommodate installation in an elevator shaft or on curved walls of varying dimensions.

Fully Automatic Smooth Lifting of the Climbing Mechanism

Cylinder jacking is used to ‘climb’ the placing booms within elevator shafts. The use of a fully automatic, ‘stepless’, lifting climbing frame with double electric hoists improves efficiency and safety by reducing the labor requirements of workers.